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Oh To Be Single (shot) Again…

It’s quite odd to try and find “music” videos on an actual television channel these days, and if you really want to see a video you must use either YouTube or VEVO.  But since we’re living in a material world and I’m a material boy — if I had the money — this is the best way to watch music that has been put to the visual test.

Trends come and go in the video realm.  You have your old school hip hop videos with lovely ladies dancing around Coup de villes and hot tubs with massive poolside parties.  Then you had the grunge videos where most of the bands of the ’90s boycotted making visual versions of their songs in the first place.  Recently, I’ve noticed numerous artists shooting single shot videos, such as OK Go, pioneers of the medium, and their newest version rambling around in a Chevy Sonic.

While single shot has in fact been around and may not be “cool” any longer, here are some other single shot videos — some good, some interesting, but all the same.  Since this author feels this is where videos are going to these days, these are some other talented artists that are out there with no budgets to their names, making the raw music video fresh and interesting.

Nicki Bluhm and The Gramblers – “I Can’t Go For That”

This is one of many from their “Van Sessions”, where Nicki and the crew cover many great tunes in the front seats of a Ford tour van.  This one by far is the best.  Just wait until you get to the kazoo solo, it will rock yer socks off!

Nyle – “Let The Beat Build”

I love hip hop.  I do.  I love the lyrical genius that hip hopster’s create, especially off the cuff.  This is an amazing single shot video by a very talented artist with numerous talented musicians and singers as a supporting cast to this creative single shot video.

Walk off the Earth – “Someone I Used To Know (Gotye cover)”

They’ve nailed originality in the sense that their stares off into the distance are original.  But nonetheless this is a unique take on a great song that is gaining more and more popularity.

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