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M.I.A., The Superbowl’s Real Winner

Well that was a disappointing game.  My beloved Pats lost.  Alas, we’re used to disappointment in Boston.  If anything could save my evening, it was Madonna’s halftime show.  Chock full of guests (Cee-Lo, Nicki Minaj, LMFAO), there was clearly one stand out performance: M.I.A.‘s middle finger.  It’s the one thing we’re all still talking about.

You don’t get much more rock ‘n roll than flipping off the entire country.  Why else was she there?  For Madonna’s new single?  Psshaw.  M.I.A. is smarter than that.  In addition to that delicious subversion, she’s also got her own music to promote.

The video for “Bad Girls” includes drifting cars, fire and booty-grinding.  Also, did I mention she’s in a vaguely Arab-esque setting with sand, oil pipes and a whole lot of veils and keffiyehs.  Yes, you read that right.  Leave it to Maya to keep tings political.  I love you, gurl.

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Super Madonna

In preparation for your Super Bowl parties this Sunday, here’s a taste of what’s to come while you’re replenishing your drinks, plates of pretzels and new dishes that you found on Martha Stewarts website during halftime.  Classic Nicki doing her best cheer, as well as M.I.A. back from her early retirement.


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