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Phil’s Silly Love Songs

Valentines Day is upon us, and here is my special list for that special someone on this special day.  This mix tape will definitely set the mood right, or set things in motion for the inevitable, depending on where you took her for dinner.


Are You Really Playing This Song To Win My Affection? – Mixtape

01. “Criminal” – Fiona Apple  – Everyone needs a good defense when they need to be redeemed.

02. “You Know I’m No Good” – Amy Winehouse –  Tanqueray drinkers UNITE! Plus who are we kidding?  I’m no good.

03. “Hey Ladies” – Beastie Boys – We all dream to say this to that special someone, don’t lie.

04. “Maps” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Wait!!!  Never mind go ahead walk out that door.

05. “Italian Leather Sofa” – Cake – She really does care that I’m an island.

06. “99 Problems” – Jay-Z – Hopefully you’re not the 100th on this special day.

07. “Why Does It Always Rain On Me” – Travis – Just seeing if she’s still listening to the mix by now.

08. “The Trapeze Swinger” – Iron & Wine – After that last song maybe this will redeem the mix somewhat.

09. “Lady In Red” – Chris De Burgh – This is the point in time when you caress cheek to cheek.

10. “…Baby One More Time” – Britney Spears – If this song doesn’t work I don’t know what will.

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Neil’s Silly Love Songs

Oh, the sweet smell of love is in the air!  The birds and butterflies flutter in the warm rays of the sun, the wind whispers soft secrets to a shy lover.  It is Valentine’s Day!  Rejoice!  And unless you’re sitting alone in the dark drowning your loneliness in that second bottle of red wine, we’ll keep it chipper and positive.  For what greater power is there than that of LOVE?

Love means many different things to each and every one of us.  One melody may conjure thoughts of the greatest love of your life, while the very same song could recall painful memories of the greatest love lost (see: “My Heart Will Go On“).

Love, lust, heartache: they all go hand-in-hand for me (sometimes simply just “in-hand”).  I’ve compiled too many “breakup” mixtapes for myself and friends over the years; enough to flood this blog with misery and pain.  I’ll keep it upbeat.  That being said, when I went through my digital library for a list of “love songs” to choose from, I ended up picking an inordinate amount of lusty, steamy tracks.  Hornifying jams, turgid tunes to fornicate to.  We can see how music connects to my being: usually via the hips, the main force for thrusting, whether on the dance floor or…  Well, yeah.  These are the songs that get my heart (and other organs) pumping.

The Love Mixtape: my favorite songs about pure love without baggage.

01. “Thank You” – Tori Amos (Led Zeppelin cover) – her voice makes the original more powerful.
02. “Silly Love Songs” – Paul McCartney and Wings – the ultimate ode to these songs and why we love them.
03. “Must Be Dreaming” – Frou Frou – pure sonic joy bottled into 4 minutes.
04. “Dreaming of You” – Sloan – even nerdy dudes fall in love.
05. “God Only Knows” – The Beach Boys – love never sounded this pure and innocent.
06. “Just The Way You Are” – Bruno Mars – awwwww, he’s so sweet!
07. “Because You Loved Me” – Celine Dion -the power of love?  the power of this ballad!
08. “When You Say You Love Me” – Josh Groban – ultimate sweeping statement of what it sounds like when love wants to burst forth from our pitifully tiny hearts.
09. “Always Be My Baby” – Mariah Carey – sugary sweet ode to young love.
10. “Lovesong” – The Cure – even they stopped moping around for a moment to proclaim the squishy joys of being in love.

And for the Eeyores in the room who know love isn’t always clean and pretty, here are some quieter tunes for snuggling on a rainy day.

01. “Fix You” – Coldplay – their grandest gesture to love and trying and trying again.
02. “This I Promise You” – ‘N Sync – oh yeah, I just went there.
03. “The Only Exception” – Paramore – even the damaged ones want to be loved.
04. “Into The Night” – Benny Mardones – even if she’s underage, love knows no bounds.
05. “Enjoy The Silence” – Depeche Mode – whether it’s about a girl, a boy or a drug, this is one of the best songs in history.
06. “Unintended” – Muse – love ain’t easy, but if you’re patient, it’ll come in due time.

The Lust Mixtape:  I had to cull this short list from an entire pile of songs that make me super horny.  I suppose this is a small dose of my musical Viagra.  Va-va-voom!

01. “Closer” – nine inch nails – even the synthesizers sound like they are pump-fucking.
02. “Heavy Metal Lover” – Lady Gaga“I want your whisky mouth all over my blonde south.”  Where do I sign up!?!
03. “Twist” – Goldfrapp – the bulk of Goldfrapp songs could soundtrack your next coital session, but this does it for me every time.
04. “All She Wants Is” – Duran Duran – girl squeals + synth beats = boiiiiing~
05. “#1 Crush” – Garbage – girl moaning + dark guitars = see above
06. “Justify My Love” – Madonna – whoo-boy, my glasses are steaming up!
07. “Cream” – Prince – playful, naughty, teasing… the Short One at his prime.
08. “Tick” – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Oh. My. God.  “You make me wanna [insert filthy verb here].”  Karen O can do whatever she wants to me.  This is frantic.
09. “L’importante e finire” – Mina – I can’t recall all of the lyrics, but the message lies in a homophonous usage of “finire,” which can mean “to finish” or “to come.”  Same, innit?
10. “No Ordinary Love” – Sade – churning, roiling, boiling… a soundtrack to sweat to.

And finally, since I’m ever the joker:

The Don’t-Play-Me-If-You-Ever-Want-To-Get-Any Mixtape: some songs try, but will never, ever be sexy.

01. “Double Team” – Tenacious D – Lyrics are copied under the video, for your enjoyment.  Endlessly quotable.
02. “Jizz In My Pants” – The Lonely Island – the sentiment is there, but the delivery needs some work.
03. “My Neck, My Back” – Khia – sure, we’re happy to do it, but could you be a little more ladylike?
04. “S&M” – Rihanna – no, girl. no no no.
05. “Stinkfist” – Tool – the ultimate ode to the ultimate gesture of love.

Enjoy the hours spent on YouTube.  You’re welcome.

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