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Cellos and Ted Nugent. What will come of this?

Music — plain and simple — motivates us, makes us wake up in the morning, and puts us to sleep when the time comes.  It’s what makes this rocking world go round.  Aside from all that, music makes us think.  Personally, music makes me happy.  It really makes me run the gambit of emotions at any given time.  Whenever I hear pieces from different composers, I remember back to my elementary school days, playing in orchestra with fifteen Vietnamese girls all happy to be playing, while I was happy just to be among a great group of people for an hour, three days a week.

And then I remember the first time I heard some of those amazing artists from the late 70’s and 80’s.  Growing up with three much older siblings, I considered myself the youngest teenager on the block.  And rightly so when I could name any given song on the radio and tell you who played it.  From Journey to AC/DC, The Nuge, and so on and so forth.

We all have our opinions on what sexual orientation we think Robbie Williams is, and why Liam Gallagher should get a kick in the teeth, but it’s given balance to what we’ve thought of for years and appreciated.  Music gives us that avenue to stay true, true to ourselves and fight for our rights and opinions as music lovers.

Music is what makes us stay the course, music is what keeps us talking, and music is what makes us think.  We all have our favorite bands, we all have those guilty pleasures that we keep in our closets of happiness, but it’s all about the music.  So we all like the sound of it, some more than others, and I hope that this avenue of music adventure will take me along with hopefully more readers than just the three of us that put this thing together.

You may love what we say, you may curse our names, and I’m sure the three of us will get into virtual fist fights along the way.   But be ready to see with your ears, and listen with your eyes.  I like the sound of it already.


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